Whale watching in Struisbaai

A Whale of a Time in Struisbaai

Struisbaai residents and visitors alike have been spoiled with a boastful show from numerous whales visiting our bay this year. With a visible increase in numbers, whales could be spotted playing and breaching in the shallows on a regular basis.

Whales start their annual migration route in late autumn and travel to their breeding and calving grounds where they are welcomed by warmer tropical water. Afterwards, whales start travelling back to their regular feeding grounds where the water is slightly colder and the food more abundant. Whales travel approximately 5000 kilometres on average during migration, making it the longest migratory journey taken by any mammal on earth.

These big and bulky visitors are no strangers to our shoreline and watching them remains a special occasion.  Whales can be viewed from the Struisbaai Plaat, the harbour and from the boardwalk.  If you have not seen our friends yet, then we would suggest a visit to Struisbaai before our friends return home.

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