Welcome Southernmost Icon

For many years the Indian/Atlantic ocean monument which tells tourists that they are now at the Southernmost Tip of the African continent was the only landmark visitor had to remind them of their epic travels to our beautiful Cape Agulhas area – definitely not the case anymore.

Cape Agulhas has recently welcomed a new addition to the southernmost tip of Africa. The new African Icon sculpture is the latest attraction that is capturing the interest of all those who visit it.

The icon consists of a circular area with the African continent as a centerpiece.  On the sides you will find four steel sheets that indicate north, east, west, and south – the southern sheet pointing directly to the original icon.  The African continent structure indicates popular and famous geographical areas like Table Mountain, the Namib Dunes, Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, The Nile River and more. Definitely worth a trip!

If you are planning a visit to the Southernmost African Icon sculpture then contact us for accommodation.