Struisbaai Beach Oarfish

Rare Oarfish on Struisbaai Beach

Struisbaai Beach has seen its fair share of strange, rare and unusual objects washing up on shore but none more unusual than an Oarfish that recently grabbed the attention of many. 

An Oarfish is a large and very long fish with a dorsal fin that runs the entire length of its body.  Slightly shaped like an oar, they are usually found at depths of a 1000m or more and in tropical oceans like the Atlantic but are rarely seen.  They are not surface creatures and when spotted in shallow waters, it usually means they are sick or injured.  Living in deep depths with no currents they have little muscle mass and cannot survive in turbulent water.

This is truly a unique observance for residents and visitors alike. Odds of spotting another Oarfish soon washed up or otherwise, are not likely to happen again in the near future.

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