Paper Nautilus Fever has struck

Paper Nautilus Fever has struck

It is the time of year again where residents from Struisbaai scour the beach for its most elusive shell – the Paper Nautilus. This year has delivered an above average amount of shells with the most being in tip-top shape.  Amongst these was a live one, still in its shell, and yet another muddy one.

The most common species along our coast is the Paper Nautilus and is mostly found near the surface of tropical and subtropical seas. The Nautilus shell helps its inhabitant accent or decent when floating in the vast ocean.

In Struisbaai, the best time to find the Paper Nautilus shell is during April and May.  They are usually found higher up on the plaat, rather than on the swimming beach side. Hurry up though – time is running out!

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Click here to view the LIVE PAPER NAUTILUS picked up in Struisbaai – now residing at its new home at Struisbaai’s Marine Aquarium.

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