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Black Marlin draws attention in Struisbaai Harbour

Struisbaai has seen its fair share of big fish over the years, but none has drawn as much attention as the recently caught Black Marlin in our waters.  What is more impressive is that the Black Marlin, weighing a whopping 294.76kg, was caught using a speargun.  Simon Solomon's record catch was officially noted and he is now the record holder for Biggest Marlin caught in the SAUFF (South African Underwater Fishing Federation) record books.

The Black Marlin is no stranger to our coast and is the largest of the Marlin species found in our waters.  Our Indian Ocean creates an ideal subtropical environment in which the Black Marlin prefers to live.  They can grow well over 4m and can weigh as much as 750kg.  It is one of the fastest fish species in the world – which makes this catch one to remember.

The biggest Black Marlin ever caught, weighed an impressive 707kg and was caught in 1953 by Alfred Glassell Jr in Cabo Blanco, Peru.

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